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The River Birch Group provides professional experts with tools to foster strong relationships and increase effective communication. We take a practical approach to help clients build cohesive, collaborative,

and happy teams. 

Susan featured in Bombay Brokers Forum
Forum Views May 2023 Issue

'Me to We': A Leadership Transformation Milestone

Our mindset influences how we react to challenges, manage risks, and adapt to change. When a decision is made based on a "me" mindset, the criteria is relatively straightforward which might show up as a gift purchase or restaurant order. A "we" type of decision criteria addresses a variety of perspectives, and the impact possible outcomes can have on others.

Read more on page 20-21 of May's issue.

Clapping Audience

Our Services


Customized mini-workshop  cohort program

Interactive sessions provide practical skills that can immediately be put into action.

Four essential leadership superpowers offer a unique structure people use to align and achieve their goals.

Keynote and professional meeting speaker

If you are looking for a memorable and engaging keynote speaker for your next event or conference, let me provide you with some honest feedback. It is often hard to capture the synergy of an audience remotely, yet Susan can successfully engage attendees as well as other guest panelist through her emotional intelligence and power skills – the very topic she is speaking on. 

— Associate Solution Specialist, Stratascale

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