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Creating a Greater Whole:
A Project Manager's Guide to Becoming a Leader

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"Any project manager (and even managers in general) can benefit from the guidance and insights in this book.  The lengthier an individual's experience, the more they can relate to the concepts by means of the reflective exercises, but even the most junior practitioner will derive valuable insights and benefit from this catalog of leadership development frameworks, selecting and adopting those most relevant to their situation and journey."     

PM World Journal

"Ms. Schwartz offers tried and true leadership theories and makes them accessible to all, regardless of leadership experience. The first half of the book offers the fundamentals, while the latter half is a toolkit for facing the leadership challenges of our time - change, uncertainty, and the need for courage and character.  This book is not just for project managers, but for anyone who wants to be a great leader."     

C.C. Clark, Global Talent Management Consultant 

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