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Susan Schwartz

Susan Schwartz, MS, PMP, is a leadership coach and management consultant. She equips expert professionals as they transition into management and leadership tracks with the necessary skills to build client relationships and communicate effectively.


Part of her success is that she traveled a similar "expert to leader" journey as her clients. Beginning as a technical lead implementing integrated voice and data projects, she grew her leadership skills and became  part of the team that took a start-up company public.  In another position, she led a global team of 20 organizations across 10 countries to build a unified corporate solution.  

Leveraging her real-world experience, Susan guides subject matter experts (SMEs) as they transform from technical expert to excellent leader.  She equips her clients with tools to build strong relationships and employ effective communication. Her toolkit encompasses a practical Emotionally Intelligent approach that people can immediately put to use resolving workplace challenges.  


Her signature services that transform expert professionals into excellent leaders to increase productivity, enhance job satisfaction, and develop a culture of trust.


Susan is the author of Creating a Greater Whole: A Project Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Leader and a co-author of Turning Ideas into Impact: Insights from Silicon Valley Consultants. She is an adjunct instructor at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and George Mason University.  

In 2018, Susan moved from Washington, DC area and currently resides in San Francisco with her husband and enjoys West Coast living.

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