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Tech Me Seriously

Susan Schwartz: The Journey From Expert to Leader

Sarah Tenisi speaks with Susan about emotional intelligence, the power of storytelling, the importance of building a team of people who are unlike you, and more!

Kore Women

Leadership and Management Coach: Susan Schwartz

Susan speaks with Summer Watson about how she transforms expert professionals into excellent leaders. 

Leaders Creating Rukus: Susan Schwartz

Susan Speaks with Aashi Arora about leaving your ego at the door, growing emotionally intelligent leaders, and her own experiences with work and her personal life.

Futureproof Your Career.png

Futureproof Your Career

Susan Schwartz -- Emotional Intelligence

In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks with Susan about why we should all be developing our emotional intelligence. Listen here.

The Cost of Not Paying Attention
Emotional Intelligence: Why Businesses Need it to Succeed with Susan Schwartz

Susan speaks with Janine about being a great leader who empowers others, having the right amount of emotional intelligence, and how that can affect the overall performance of the team and organization.

Grow Strong Leaders

Why Paying Attention is the Start Point of Emotional Intelligence

Susan speaks with Meredith Bell about what technical professionals struggle with most when they transition to leadership, why Susan emphasizes the importance of reflective exercises and the one skill that's at the core of all other leadership skills.

Empowering Women in Manufacturing and Business
Transforming Experts into Leaders with Susan Schwartz

Susan speaks with the WAM podcast about what it means to be an emotionally intelligent leader, along with the value of being vulnerable when leading a team.

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