Our signature programs transform expert professionals  into effective managers and leaders so your company can increase productivity, job satisfaction, loyalty, and culture.

Expert to Excellence™

Expert professionals are often promoted due to their expertise without concern for their leadership capabilities.  The Expert to Excellence program is designed to enable technical experts to understand intangible leadership concepts and turn them into tangible action plans.


Workshops are an excellent opportunity for team building and collaborative innovation.  The River Birch Group offers interactive workshops ranging from 1-3 hours, incorporating group discussions, exercises, and real-life scenarios.  These workshops can be customized to address specific needs.  Contact us for a full course listing:

Three Hour Workshops

  • Collaborating Across Teams

  • Feedback and Solution Solving

  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

  • Winning the Workplace Stress Battle


One/Two Hour Overview Sessions

  • Trust, Accountability, and Productive Teams

  • Emotional Intelligence:  Tools to Engage and Maintain Clients

  • Ban Imposter Syndrome Using Emotional Intelligence

  • Communicating with Differently Thinking People

One-to-One Coaching

The River Birch Group coaching process uses the EQ-i 2.0 assessment tool as a foundation for the individual to design an action plan to achieve their professional development goals.  

Speaking Engagements

Ms. Schwartz, an international technical executive, is a dynamic speaker who delivers 45-90 minute presentations that engage the audience and provides take-aways that can immediately be put into practice.  She recieves high marks for her ability to facilite, interactive, high-energy sessions, both in-person and remotely.


Topics include:

Emotional Intelligence -- An Essential Tool for Digital Transformation

Leadership is not a Solo Sport -- Super Powers for Leaders

Emotional Intelligence -- It's Not an Oxymoron

Military Generals, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence