Featured Presentations 

From Amok to Amazing -- Building HIgh Performance Cross Function Teams

Bringing cross-functional teams together is one of the hardest tasks a manager tackles, because people have different foals, working methods, and communication styles. How does a leader transform a diverse team into a unified working group?  This presentation overviews proven techniques to develop high performing teams by incorporating inclusion strategies, listening to lead, and mob management. 

Virtual EI:  The Power of Emotional Intelligence:  An Essential Tool for Consultants

FEmotional Intelligence is a tool that can help you manage and strengthen client relationships. Are there times when you are frustrated because you don’t feel you are connecting with your client? As a consultant you can use this tool to balance your actions with those of your client. Understanding where each of you engage on the emotional intelligence continuum will enable you to develop an effective strategy to best guide your client communications and recommendations.

Emotional Intelligence -- An Essential Tool for Successful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation and disruptive technologies must happen so quickly, it is natural for people to focus on the technology details;  however, successful change is dependent on the people involved -- how they adapt and execute. Emotional Intelligence is a toll that will help project leaders capitalize on the strengths of their digital transformation teams by leveraging people management skills to achieve project results.


Leadership is not a Solo Sport -- Become the Most Valuable Project Leader on Your Team

Do you wish you possessed project management Super Powers in order to be the best Project Leader you can be? Well, now you can! This interactive session shares some secret and some not so secret techniques that you can use to hone and channel your innate leadership capabilities.

Leadership is much more than setting goals and measuring results. Strong project leaders create a culture where people are inspired to do their best work. This one-hour presentation will overview the power Emotional Intelligence can provide and discuss how these traits can be combined to create a personal governance GPS for 21st century project managers. 


Military Generals, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence

For many years, business schools have looked toward the military and its long leadership legacy to understand successful leadership methods. Senior level officers have always needed to be adept at managing shifting trends. In fact, a current military leadership program promises to foster agile and adaptive officers who can think critically and creatively. How have our military leaders leveraged these non-tangible attributes? This session takes a practical look at successful, and not so successful, U.S. military general behaviors from WWII to the present. The discussion centers around four key leadership attributes as take-away lessons and how they can be used by project managers today to lead their teams to success.