It would be very simple, if we could swallow a leadership pill and instantly have all of the leadership super powers at the ready for us to deploy.

Reality is much tougher.  Through research, practice, and observation, I uncovered four essential non-tangible superpowers:   Vulnerability, Educated Ignorance, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence.

Super Powers for Leaders

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Vulnerability ~ Leaders who recognize their lack of skills or resources are able to resolve these challenges by recruiting staff who possess these skills and partnering with colleagues who may be able to share resources. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness, it is a means to launch your innovative, problem-solving skills

Educated Ignorance ~ The more people learn, the greater their awareness of what they do not know.  It is okay for leaders not to have all of the answers.  By admitting more information is needed, leaders are able to establish a starting point for a plan.  For the next step forward, ask questions and listen closely to the answers.

Mindfulness~ Leadership is about showing up and recognizing the nuances of the present situation.  Leaders realize that just because a strategy previously worked, it may need to be adjusted to be successful within the current environment.


Emotional Intelligence~ Emotional Intelligence is a powerful framework that describes how people view and react to the world around them. EI is important for leadership learning because it measures how leaders are perceived by themselves and others, the accuracy of their communications, and how they manage stressful situations.