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"You have such a breadth of experience, Susan! Thanks for bringing the topic of Emotional Intelligence to life."  

Deborah Evans

Learning & Development Leader Blue Origin

(aerospace industry)

Team Leadership

Leaders enable people to make sense out of chaos, overcome challenges, and achieve shared goals. 

  • Do you need help getting people who prefer to work alone to collaborate and communicate?

  • Are you part of a matrix team where you are fully responsible and have minimal authority?

  • How do you set and communicate your goals, expectations, and success metrics? 

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders


EI enables leaders to apply practical solutions to challenges often considered insurmountable.

  • How do your team members react and respond to crisis situations?

  • Are you trying to balance a variety of trade-offs to cope with conflicting priorities?

  • Have you been trying to unite a diversified group of people?

Knowledge Management

Collaborative learning and performance improvement systems are key for knowledge worker success.

  • Often people are challenged to "fail fast".  How do you share these lessons learned with all staff?

  • When employees leave the organization, does the bulk of their experience leave with them?

  • How do people learn new information and keep up with industry trends in order to be competitive? 

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