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Creating a Greater Whole unlocks the not-so-secret secrets of what aspiring managers need to become strong leaders. It is a collection of practical observations and analogies to help people craft a framework by which to view a variety of challenging situations that demand leadership competencies. Ms. Schwartz provides a plain English, information-rich guide for readers to immediately begin to hone leadership traits.  

Readers are introduced to tools and methods that will help them motivate and align teams to achieve common goals. Reflective exercises enable them to craft their own development path as they draw from their past experiences to recognize their intrinsic capabilities and the specific skills they would like to cultivate.  

 Historical figures, folk stories, and every day occurrences are used to highlight the fact that the strongest leaders are continuous learners and adapters who are able to draw out and blend unique energies from each team member to achieve what seems on the surface to be unattainable.