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Emotional Intelligence for Project Leaders: It's Not an Oxymoron!  
Leadership is much more than setting goals and measuring results. Strong project leaders create a culture where people are inspired to do their best work. This one-hour presentation will overview the power Emotional Intelligence can provide and discuss how these traits can be combined to create a personal governance GPS for 21st century project managers. 

Military Generals, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence
For many years, business schools have looked toward the military and its long leadership legacy to understand successful leadership methods. Senior level officers have always needed to be adept at managing shifting trends. In fact, a current military leadership program promises to foster agile and adaptive officers who can think critically and creatively. How have our military leaders leveraged these non-tangible attributes? This session takes a practical look at successful, and not so successful, U.S. military general behaviors from WWII to the present. The discussion centers around four key leadership attributes as take-away lessons and how they can be used by project managers today to lead their teams to success.

The Power of Branding and Project Management
Branding tells the world who you are as a project leader and what your project team represents. Few people are able to craft a clear message that shares the clarity of their vision. Join us to learn some basics about branding that will help to differentiate you as a leader as well as your project team’s identity and performance. Interactive group exercises will provide participants a chance to reflect and practice identifying project team strengths.

Project Management Lessons from the Lego Movie
The most successful project case studies describe blended team efforts that leverage the expertise of each team member and stakeholder. Strong project teams are resilient and able to adapt to changing environments. During this session, participants will gain learn how they can use ‘Lego Leadership’ lessons inspired by The Lego Movie to guide their teams through complex situations toward success.

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